Begining Photography

Learn about the four areas of photography that you need to learn to become a great photographer. A great photographer is one who is getting images that they like.  Learn about :

  • EXPOSURE( Aperture, Shutter and ISO ) The three elements: that makeup exposure,
  • COMPOSURE  ( Leading lines, rule of thirds, secondary subjects, balance, etc  Turn a snap shtintoa photograph)
  • EDITING Every image can be enhanced by editing, Learn photoshop elements and enhance your  snapshots into  photographs
  • PRESENTATION If you are not showing your photos, why are you taking them ? Learn how to print, e mail  and make photo books. Call  me and lets discuss your photography goals

I Phone Photography

The i Phone is a great camera that takes great pictures and is easy to learn, it may be the only camera you need, take a three hour lesson and start taking great photos that day !!!

Private Lessons

Lets work together on photography subjects you want to explore, landscapes, portraits, close ups what ever you have an interest in.Call me and lets discuss

Files coming soon.